Mickey Whiting Award

The Day of Caring Honors the Mickey Whiting Award Winners Throughout the Years

Mickey Whiting brought the Day of Caring for Breast Cancer Awareness event to South Florida in 2001, and was instrumental in providing an amazing day of education, encouragement and empowerment for anyone concerned about breast cancer. In 2002, to honor her and recognize those who, like her, dedicate their time, skills, and talents to enrich the lives of breast cancer survivors and promote breast cancer awareness, this special award was created.

The list below are the awardees of the Mickey Whiting Award by year…..we are so proud to honor and celebrate them every year:

2018 Maureen Flanagan  
2017 Pamela K. Zakheim, M.Ed.  
2016 Debbie Brooks  
2015 Kathy Sheeran  
2014 Betty Callander  
2013 Kim Bonomo  
2012 Sandy B. Muller  
2011 Kay Abraham  
2010 Andrea Ivory  
2009 Dr. Maria-Amelia Rodrigues  
2008 Debra Green Strochak  
2007 Linda Gayle Burrowes  
2006 Debbie Curtin  
2005 Dr. Grace Wang register
2004 Dr. Robert DerHagopian  
2003 Pat Alpert  
2002 Cathee Connors for Sue Miller Award  

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