Mickey Whiting Award

The Day of Caring Honors the Mickey Whiting Award Winners Throughout the Years

Mickey Whiting brought the Day of Caring for Breast Cancer Awareness event to South Florida in 2001, and was instrumental in providing an amazing day of education, encouragement and empowerment for anyone concerned about breast cancer. In 2002, to honor her and recognize those who, like her, dedicate their time, skills, and talents to enrich the lives of breast cancer survivors and promote breast cancer awareness, this special award was created.

Emily Zubi:

It is our pleasure to announce the recipient of the 2020 Mickey Whiting award: Emily Zubi!

Emily Zubi is the Founder of Miami Women Who Rock, Speaker, Author, Sales & Marketing Guru, Blogger @a_comeback_queen.  With over 30 years of experience spanning 7 industries and Global background with top multinational Fortune 500 companies, Emily is a passionate about empowering women and wellness.  Her tagline is “Rock your Health, Rock your World”.                                  

Emily was one of the first Hispanic Women to infiltrate Wall Street, where she trained MBA Executives at Goldman Sachs in presentation and sales skills.  In the 90’s, Emily was instrumental in launching MTV for Latin America. Emily went on to launch 10 other networks including Nickelodeon, E! Entertainment, HBO Latin America and founded her own media company.

 Emily is the Author of “99 Tips and Inspirations on Starting a Business” and was featured on Wall Street Radio. With a passion to empower women and motivate them on rebuilding their lives, many of her programs have been dedicated to honoring and profiling women and their families in the Miami community.

A Latina struggling to be successful in a man’s world, Emily graciously shares the lessons she has learned to help other women’s lives and careers flourish.  She started an organization called “Miami Women Who Rock” to acknowledge the amazing women in her community.  This innovative group hosted networking events to support health causes.  In 2014, she created “Fifty Shades of Pink”, which is now a MWWR Signature event in its 7th year which raises Breast Cancer Awareness and breast health for women.  Emily dedicated the first event year to her Mother who battled Breast Cancer.  She uses the term “Pink Attitude” in her “Comeback Queen Blog” because she credits all the survivors that have inspired her with strength, courage & resilience. Every year, 10 new amazing women are acknowledged with an artist inspired award, one of which is recognized with the “Pink Warrior Award” in addition survivors are recognized with a “You Are My Rock” Medallion. MWWR has raised money for amazing Breast Cancer Awareness Charities which includes: Day of Caring for Breast Cancer Awareness SFL, Your Bosom Buddies, Wendy’s Angels and The Women’s Breast Health Initiative. In addition, MWWR has raised money for Chapman Partnership, Lotus House, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society. In 2018, MWWR created the Diamond Award to be presented to a young woman of the future that is making a difference today. The award is presented at the MWWR “Denim & Diamonds” Event in April.

Born in Jersey City, NJ, Emily is a true visionary and creative dynamo. 

Even while building a thriving career, Emily has always made her son, Michael, the center of her life.  Michael graduated from University of Miami with a Communications & PR and is very active in the community as well.  Emily is kind, compassionate, and generous to everyone she knows.  But she is also one of the most tenacious people you will ever meet.  Her motto is, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again, and never stop trying!” Emily hopes to be a “Latina of Legacy”, she was honored in 2018 as a “Hispanic Women of Distinction”. The same year she received a “Women of Style & Substance Award” from the South Florida Luxury Guide and featured as a “Leader with a Mission. She is an encouraging example that with hard work, tenacity, courage and a commitment to service is the most valuable contribution to a community. 


The list below are the awardees of the Mickey Whiting Award by year. We are so proud to honor and celebrate them every year:

2020 Emily Zubi  
2019 Debbie Setuain  
2018 Maureen Flanagan  
2017 Pamela K. Zakheim, M.Ed.  
2016 Debbie Brooks  
2015 Kathy Sheeran  
2014 Betty Callander  
2013 Kim Bonomo  
2012 Sandy B. Muller  
2011 Kay Abraham  
2010 Andrea Ivory  
2009 Dr. Maria-Amelia Rodrigues  
2008 Debra Green Strochak  
2007 Linda Gayle Burrowes  
2006 Debbie Curtin  
2005 Dr. Grace Wang  
2004 Dr. Robert DerHagopian  
2003 Pat Alpert  
2002 Cathee Connors for Sue Miller Award  

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