About the Day of Caring

The Day of Caring for Breast Cancer Awareness is a locally-planned, volunteer-based, self-supporting community event designed to educate, empower and give hope to everyone affected by breast cancer.

It is a day when those concerned about breast cancer can come together for an educational experience where researchers, doctors and other experts lead workshops in topics of importance to breast cancer survivors, their friends, family, and treatment providers.

Included are seminars on nutrition, alternative therapies, the latest innovations in hormone, chemotherapy and surgical treatments, as well as help in living with cancer and the after-effects of treatment.

It’s not all serious, however. A wonderful gourmet lunch is served, and an exciting fashion show is presented as well. All of the models in the fashion show, both women and men, have had breast cancer.

The people who attend Day of Caring leave feeling empowered and inspired, knowing that there are resources in the community for them, and that they CAN handle it all.

Please email us directly at [email protected] and one of the Executive Board Members will be in touch with you soon.

Professional Advisory Board

Robert DerHagopian, MD
Glady Giron, MD
Nilza Kallos, MD
Marta Manrique-Reichard, Ph.D.
Deirdre Marshall, MD
Maria-Amelia Rodrigues, MD
Charles Vogel, MD
Grace Wang, MD


Executive Committee

Lillian Villamizar*
Vivien Baltodano*
Maureen Flanagan*
Fleur Lobree, Esq.*
Doreen Ruggiero JD*
Debbie Denardi*
Grace Wang, MD

* Denotes Survivor

Committee Chairs

*Community Liaison – Emily Zubizarreta
Decoration – Maria Soto
*Digital Communications – Available
*Education – Doreen Ruggiero, JD
*Fashion Show – Moe Flanagan
*Finance – Vivien Baltodano
Logistics – Patricia Stone
Raffle Tickets- Yesenia Polanco
*Registration – Available
*Resource Area – Available
Scholarships – Betty Callander
Silent Auction – Kathy Sheeran
*Sponsorships – Grace Wang, MD
Vendors – Debbie Denardi
*Volunteers – Available

* Exec Board Members

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